Thursday, May 28, 2015

FIFA corruption articles/links plus a few of my comments

Reviewing 'United Passions', FIFA's bizarre propaganda film 

FIFA Report Clearing Qatar and Russia World Cup Bids Is Slammed by Chief Investigator

Me (07/09/2014) This happens and FIFA does nothing: The minute a poorer country does something wrong, they get suspended: FIFA=corrupt and racist. No wonder they keep blocking anti-racism and anti-corruption measures

Fifa executive committee members 'awarded double pay rise' after new ethics rules ban bonuses

Me (05/20/2011) the corrupt/biased FIFA ranking system has resulted in bad seeding which in turn screws CONCACAF/AFC (and Europe a bit) and benefits South America. if the US gets more than 3 points I would be absolutely shocked.

Our favorite parts of FIFA's Garcia Report summary

Garcia report appeal rejected by FIFA

Me (11/13/2014) The International version of a dictator 'investigating' an 'election' where he 'won' 95% of the votes.

FIFA chief Blatter must quit, says anti-racism campaigner

FIFA members 'paid $1.5m for votes'$15m-for-world-cup-2022-votes-by-qatar

Me (06/28/2010) so now the rule is that we ignore the mistakes that were made and pretend that they dont happen? does anyone else think this sounds like something a facist state would??

FIFA: Valcke denies Jack Warner's 2022 'bought' claim

Me (12/30/2012) Like a good wine, most people mature with age. Sepp Blatter is the Carlo Rossi of people. Cheap and shitty with no hope for the future. He is also corrupt (which I would never accuse Carlo Rossi of being), so in fact Sepp Blatter is worse than Carlo Rossi. Soccer is the #2 sport in the US for teenagers behind the NFL, ( ), and MLS this year set attendance records which both clearly contradict Mr. Blatter's ridiculous claims. Go back to doing things you do well Mr. Blatter, e.g. being corrupt and selling the World Cup to the highest (Qatar 2022), or most corrupt (Russia 2018) bidder.  

Me (05/21/2011) Pretending to be accountable so he can get reelected? Or does involvement of Bin Hammam in the alleged fiasco mean that Blatter is trying to implicate him so he gets another term?