Friday, April 19, 2013

An (American) Iranian hero.

There are not many who are liked in both the United States and Iran, with a few exceptions. 104 years ago today, Howard Baskerville, an American missionary and school teacher, died in Tabriz, Iran. He died thousands of miles away from Nebraska where he was born, and thousands of miles away from Princeton where he attended university. He died for something he believed in; the concept of democracy. 

He did not seek his death. He did not try to kill innocents. He fought even though he hated war, because he believed his fight would lead to a better future for others. 

Many Iranian children, (especially in Tabriz) know who Howard Baskerville is. There are even streets named after him, but he is more or less unknown in the United States.

Howard Baskerville was an American hero. Every American schoolchild should learn his story.

More information on Howard Baskerville can be found on Princeton's web page marking the 100 year anniversary of his death. 

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